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Iluminación de la Red Portátil

Lámparas LED portátil alimentadas por la Red con cargador móvil

Lámparas LED portátil alimentadas de la Red con cargador móvil

Iluminación de la Red Portátil
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Iluminación de la Red Portátil

         Portable lighting with integrated mobile charger for people living with limited access to grid.
        • Powered by universal AC adapter  with voltage range : 110VAC – 270VAC, 50/60Hz
        • Uniform lighting with maximum brightness more than 120 Lumens
        • 3 Step dimming - "Low / Medium / High" with lighting hours – “48 / 12 / 6” hours 
        • User Friendly - 7 simple ways to use the Lamp
        • Water resistant up to 0.5m for 1 hour
        • Drop impact resistant from a height of 1.5m
        • Superior Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery with 1500 Cycles 
        • Integrated USB Mobile phone charger and USB Cable with 5 adapters