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    • Technicians at their station, sustainability reporting.

      Maintenance services

      Technician working on a row of electrical machines, electric utilities, electric power distribution.


      Extensive knowledge and experience in maintenance 

      The health of your Electrical Distribution Equipment plays a basic role in the performance of your business. Good maintenance on your electrical distribution equipment ensures the safety of your personnel and the highest productivity while maximizing uptime

      Best maintenance practices for Maximum safety and up-time

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      • Solutions

        • Ensure the availability of the equipment to function as required, at optimum cost
        • Account for safety and any other mandatory requirements associated with equipment
        • Manage cost while ensuring equipment endurance and both product and service quality
      • Value Proposition

        Maintenance services keep your MV & LV equipment at the highest level of performance.

        • Set up of maintenance best practices, 
        • Dowtime and restart time reduction, 
        • Safety & regulations compliance.
      • Differentiation

        Best in class maintenance on our assets result of recurring jobs,

        • Exclusive maintenance procedures mastering according to asset design & evolution
        • Fast access to original spare parts & anticipation of device obsolescence
        • Unique proprietary diagnostics through original equipment technical specifications