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      Service plans: the best offer for your peace of mind

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      Safeguard your electrical distribution installations

      • Tailored maintenance package that helps to control and lower costs while improving equipment availability and lifetime,
      • Peace of mind from a global company with manufacturer expertise, offering long-term support and committed to fast response times.

      Get a service plans that's tailored to your needs

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      • Solutions

        3 classifications of maintenance jobs:

        1 - Preventive maintenance based on manufacturer recommendations
        2 - On site condition maintenance based on proprietary diagnostic tools
        3 - Corrective maintenance including emergency on site intervention & 24/7
      • Value Proposition

        • Reduced total cost of ownership and improved budget control
        • Greater equipment availability and extended lifetime
        • Commitment to a fast response time
        • Peace of mind with a trusted advisor
      • Differentiation

        Service plans will give you:

        • Priority (labor & spare parts) in case of corrective maintenance
        • Unique diagnosis to anticipate future failures
        • Genuine spare parts priority access
        • Equipment knowledge and expertise
        • Mastering all level of maintenance procedures
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      The benefits of Advantage Service Plans

      You improve equipment availability & lifetime thanks to manufacturer preventive maintenance & unique diagnosis

      You get a strong commitment in terms of emergency intervention and spare parts delivery. You have Priority versus customers without contracts

      You get access to 24/7 technical support and leveled maintenance costs across years avoiding potentially high unplanned expenses